Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Notebook Distribution Day - 1

Hmm, 19 June, What a start of this day. This was notebook distribution drive from IISC and I volunteered for distribution. We started at 8, first got the stuff out from store room then loaded into the tempo, had some tea and marched towards Jalahalli. 

The plan was to cover 7 schools and 1 by 1 we covered all. Every school we asked the number of students including absentees, arranged the stuff according to the grades and asked children to line up grade by grade for distribution. Well co-ordinated. 

And you wont believe how much these children care, when it was time for lunch they asked us if we had lunch and they offered us as well. Even teachers were not allowing us to leave without having some refreshments.

It was tiring but the energy was intact till end and the reason I think was children, their smiles and happiness. 

As per the co-ordinator ours was the best group as we were all excited till end. It took 8 hours to finish and come back home. 

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