Wednesday, 31 October 2012


A simple card with some flowers. Can be used for any occasion. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Baby Bday Card

Card is simple with a handmade recycled flower. Some washi tape from, one cute baby dog image colored with markers.


October H2H Challenge

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Love card with flowers

This card has love theme. Can be used for anniversary or wedding etc. As you see die cuts are used, some from crafter's corner, some from craft adda and one I bought from Kavi Tha. These flowers are recycled and hand made from old flower pots. First got all the petals, washed these, dried, colored a little then stacked all petals to give a flower shape.

One thing I like about this card is the shadow affect in the couple standing. -:)

Crafter's corner: Celebrate with flowers
Itsy Bitsy: Make It Dimensional
Paper Craft : Anything Goes 

First Baby Card

Birthday card for baby, a small baby dress, cake, some stickers. Simple one.. :)

Another view:

This card is for following challenge:

Hands2Hearts: challenge-5-precious-child

Quilled Flowers Card

This card is totally different than what was planned for :) At the end it came out just OK. 

Another flat view:

This card is for following challenges:

Lulupu: My Favourite Four R1
Crafter's Corner: Celebrate with flowers

Popup Flower Card

This card I made yesterday for some challenges specially. As always what I think before starting anything is not the same when it is over. I used some die cuts here and then it has a popup flower as well. Below picture has the popup flower:

Challenges entered with this card are:

Crafter Corner: Celebrate with flowers
Lulupu: challenge-5-my-favourite-four R3
Itsy Bitsy: Make it dimensional
Papercraft My Challenge : Anything Goes

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cake with Crunchy Top and Nutella Truffles

Again not a neat picture, this cake has a crunchy top with Nutella truffles. Crunchy top was  made with oats, brown sugar, corn and almonds. Nutella truffles were better than the cakes :)

Cake with Choclate Dust

Not a neat picture but this is what I have. This was my second cake, first I do not think I have a picture. This is simple cake done quite a while back. Then I did not start or know anything about frosting so I just put some chocolate dust on top of it. Picture may be bad but taste was better.. That's what everyone was looking for :D 

Photo Frame with Roses - Incomplete

My first photo frame with some roses. Black one is a rolled rose which was the first try and rest were just made for try. Actually I had no plans to make a frame but then I wanted to make some use of the roses. Roses can be a lot better, these were the first roses I did from some tutorial. Sides of the frame are done using magazine papers, rolled and glued. This is not complete it, I need to add a stand for this frame. Not happy with this but OK for the first time. Feedback please?

Quilled Miniatures

First try for quilled miniatures. I saw some folks making pretty tea sets, pots and other stuff with paper stripes. I too tried, not good but was able to manage. Used mini mold for this but it can be a lot better.

There are 2 cups here, one flower pot and those 2 gray ones are just like that.

This was created yesterday, 1st October.

Woven Gift Bag - Not complete yet

This is my first woven gift bag. Not complete yet, need to add some ribbon and a bow to it. Will post the update picture. For now this. This took a while to do because I do not have any trimmer etc as of now so I measured all the stripes using scale, marked these using pen and then cut everything then weaved. I used very thick card sheet here so that it can hold stuff.

Woven News Paper Bag

This was my second news paper tote bag. The first one was smaller. I did this to put my baking stuff. Plan was to make a lid as well and then make compartments into in it but that did not happen till now. Its already in use and yes it was pretty strong. I was thinking to take these bags for grocery shopping to promote recycled products. :)

First Ever Blog

Just created this blog today for FUN and this name :) is not thought over at all but manageable. I always had interest in arts and craft but never tried my hands on except once in years but now it is here, trying to do something almost daily, getting inspired by many talented people around. Lots of stuff to be used, created, options. Wishing me luck. Help me GOD.